Disaster Response Projects

CSC knows that time is of the essence when you or your business has been hit with unforeseen damages and shutdowns. We can quickly evaluate the damage, recommend immediate steps for shoring and safety, and, if requested, assemble a design team with architectural and mechanical electrical, and plumbing engineers that can accommodate a fast paced design schedule to get you under repairs as soon as possible.

Henryville High School

In 2012, Henryville High School faced the devastating impact of a class 4 tornado, leaving nearly 40% of its 200,000 sqft structure reduced to slab on grade, with significant damage.

Shipyard Panama City Beach

In 2018, a Shipyard in Panama City Beach, FL, faced the destructive force of Hurricane Michael, necessitating a comprehensive disaster recovery effort.

Woodbridge Apartments

In 2014, the Woodbridge Apartments in Charleston, SC, underwent a critical disaster recovery project following a fire that engulfed one of the buildings.


In 2011, Ferguson in Raleigh, NC, found itself in the aftermath of a tornado, leading to a critical disaster recovery project.

NC Moulding Project

In 2023, the NC Moulding projects in Lexington, NC unfolded as a distinctive and time-sensitive structrual engineering project, classified under both disaster recovery and specialty projects.

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