Specialty Projects

Our specialty services go beyond standard designs and analyses, delving into intricate problem-solving and innovative approaches to meet the distinctive needs of a project. Whether it’s designing structures to withstand extreme conditions, creating solutions for architectural marvels, or addressing unforeseen challenges in disaster recovery, specialty services in structural engineering showcase a dynamic and adaptive approach to the ever-evolving demands of modern structures.

NC Moulding Project

In 2023, the NC Moulding projects in Lexington, NC unfolded as a distinctive and time-sensitive structural engineering project, classified under both disaster recovery and specialty projects.

Double Crane Lift

The Double Crane Lift project in Raleigh, NC, emerged as a highly intricate structural engineering endeavor following a 5-alarm fire that melted the building crane.

Studio C Project

The Owner required a large, high ceilinged, open space without obstruction to allow flexible use of this space for their production purposes.

Mr. Beast Domino

In 2023, the Mr. Beast Dominos Project in North Carolina unfolded as a remarkable structural engineering venture. The ambitious goal was to break the existing world record for domino collapse.

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