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From innovative design solutions to rigorous structural analysis, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier expertise that ensures the safety, durability, and efficiency of every project we undertake. 

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About Us

Collins Structural Consulting, PLLC is a structural engineering firm, based in Durham, NC, which was founded in 2009 by Scott A. Collins, PE. CSC provides structural design and evaluation for commercial and industrial buildings and structures. We take our reputation for quality work seriously and are especially known for handling projects that are complex and/or time sensitive. We will find innovative solutions to assure that the design meets the criteria that are important to you, whether that be aesthetics, speed, cost, or flexibility of use. All staff at CSC are committed to ensuring successful completion, with the needs and desires of the client of utmost importance. CSC is certified as a North Carolina Small Business Enterprise (NCSBE) and minority-owned certified as a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) by the State of North Carolina.

CSC designs structures for multiple elements of commercial construction including Industrial and Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Disaster Recovery, Renovations, Multi-Family Housing, and Mixed-use structures. CSC is highly experienced in industrial and manufacturing facilities including new buildings as well as renovation of facilities for specific industrial or manufacturing purposes. CSC has extensive specialty experience in ensuring the structure of the building can handle any special requirements including heavy equipment, crane mounting, large access doors, additional floors or mezzanines, or other requirements. Furthermore, REVIT 3D and BIM 360 modeling software is used to provide better precision, coordination and real time modeling versus 2D/AutoCAD only. CSC also works closely with the architects and other engineering disciplines to assure the design is appropriate for the current needs and flexible to handle future anticipated tenants or uses.

Scott A. Collins, PE

Principal Engineer

Scott has over 25 years of experience in Structural Engineering of commercial structures and founded Collins Structural Consulting, PLLC in 2009.  He is experienced in design of a variety of commercial structures including industrial manufacturing, laboratory space, warehouses, retail space, offices, mid-rise buildings, schools, and hospitals.  

A specialist in disaster recovery, Scott regularly performs evaluations and design of repairs for structures, both commercial and residential, that have been damaged in storms, fire, or other accidents.  In addition to post-disaster evaluation and design work through Collins Structural, Scott also actively works as a first responder for the NC Emergency Management as an Emergency Response Engineer. 

Scott also has extensive experience with pharmaceutical and industrial facilities and has designed manufacturing facilities throughout his career. Whether the facility requires heavy equipment pads, equipment support framing, platforms, cranes, or specialty planning to prevent shutdown during renovations, Scott has expertise in these designs.

Scott has taken on unique projects including non-magnetic facilities, projects using unique materials, buildings designed to accommodate possible blast forces, and structures for unique uses (such as temporary set structures, large display structures, and rappel towers). He also has performed extensive design for other more typical commercial structures such as warehouses, offices, and healthcare.

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Structural Engineering Services

Sound structural solutions while maintaining aesthetic design and functionality.


Evaluation & Repair Design

Evaluation and design to restore and repair structures with  damage and defects from a variety of causes.


High Quality Construction Management

From concept to completion, ensuring attention and detail through all phases of your project.

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