NC Moulding Project

  • Year: 2023
  • Project Value: Not Disclosed
  • Project Type: Specialty & Disaster Recovery
  • Project Location: Lexington, NC

About this Project

In 2023, CSC was contracted to repair the NC Moulding building located in Lexington, NC. The challenge at hand involved the design and replacement of a bridge, intended for pedestrian and forklift use, that connects two buildings. This bridge was damaged by impact when a truck drove under it with a raised bed carrying a dumpster. The CSC structural engineering team swiftly responded with a quick plan to shore and stabilize the damaged bridge. CSC the quickly designed a replacement to allow installation from December 20th to January 2nd, during their planned holiday facility shutdown. The replacement bridge, approximately 60 feet long, featured trapezoid-shaped, double-pitched box trusses. The urgency of the project was heightened by the need to accommodate ongoing operations and insurance considerations, prompting a proactive approach to mitigate monthly costs. The NC Moulding project exemplifies the intricate challenges and swift problem-solving inherent in disaster recovery and specialty structural engineering initiatives.

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