Double Crane Lift

  • Year: 2018
  • Project Type: Specialty
  • Project Location: Raleigh, NC

About this Project

The Double Crane Lift project in Raleigh, NC, was a highly intricate structural engineering endeavor which required two cranes to lift and reposition an intact roof. A 5-alarm fire melted a large building crane.  Which crashed into a neighboring building destroying much of the existing roof and interior electronic equipment. A new roof was built quickly and placed on temporary columns above the damage to protect the remaining electronics; while the structure was repaired below. Once the repairs were completed the roof had to be lifted, intact, in order to remove the temporary columns and then lowered onto the repaired structure to serve as the permanent roof repair. The precision of the lift was crucial, requiring a load distribution across 8 points and precise coordination between the two cranes. This complex and challenging project called for the structural engineering team to navigate displacements and deflections of the roof, emphasizing their expertise in handling intricate situations. The Double Crane Lift project showcased the team’s capability to tackle complex scenarios arising from fires or other unexpected events. It also demonstrated their commitment to restoring structural integrity with innovative engineering solutions.

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