Shipyard Panama City Beach, FL

  • Year: 2018
  • Project Value: Undisclosed
  • Project Type: Disaster Recovery
  • Project Location: Panama City Beach, FL

About this Project

In 2018, a disaster recovery project unfolded in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, targeting six buildings across two shipyards that bore the brunt of a devastating category 5 hurricane. The sheer scale of the undertaking was massive, involving the assessment of replacement and repair needs for a total of six buildings. The project encompassed the replacement and repair of two severely damaged buildings, addressing mainframes, foundations, and roofs of pre-engineered metal structures. Other structures faced less extensive damage, necessitating the replacement of individual structural components and the identification and replacement of missing bolts and strap-ties. As the project lead, CSC played a crucial role, hiring subcontractors for design work, overseeing the detailed repair designs, and providing on-site support during construction administration to facilitate the intricate and comprehensive recovery efforts.

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