Henryville Highschool

  • Year: 2012
  • Project Value: $65M
  • Project Type: Disaster Recovery
  • Project Location: Henryville, IN

About this Project

In 2012, Henryville High School faced the devastating impact of a class 4 tornado, leaving nearly 40% of its 200,000 sqft structure reduced to slab on grade, with significant damage throughout the rest of the building. Valued at $65 million, this disaster recovery project was undertaken with utmost urgency. The disaster recovery team from CSC swiftly mobilized, arriving on-site within five days of the tornado, making crucial demolition decisions and collaborating closely with construction teams. As the project lead, CSC was responsible for hiring all subcontractors on the design side, and oversaw the creation of structural drawings to guide the rebuilding process. Despite the extensive challenges, the concerted efforts of the teams resulted in a remarkable turnaround, with Henryville High School ready for the first day of school just five months after the destructive storm, showcasing resilience and commitment in the face of adversity.

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