Ferguson Project

  • Year: 2011
  • Project Value: $10M
  • Project Type: Commercial / Disaster Recovery
  • Project Location: Raleigh, NC

About this Project

In 2011, Ferguson, a plumbing supply warehouse and store in Raleigh, NC, found itself in the aftermath of a tornado, leading to critical repairs being required to get the business up and running again. This location faced extensive damage, necessitating a swift and high-stakes response. The project, valued at approximately $10 million, was prioritized ensuring the speedy rebuilding of the exterior canopy and 50% of the roof framing. The urgency of the situation demanded a fast-paced approach, driven by insurance imperatives and a focus on minimizing losses per day. The structural engineering team undertook a meticulous assessment of damaged areas, distinguishing between elements that could be retained and those requiring demolition. As the project lead, CSC played a pivotal role in selecting design subconsultants, overseeing regular site visits, and orchestrating the redesign of the canopy for enhanced robustness, ensuring a more resilient connection to the physical building. Despite the challenges, the designing and construction of the project was successfully completed in approximately one month, underscoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the disaster recovery efforts.

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