Meadow Branch Apartments Phase II

  • Year: 2020
  • Project Value: Not Disclosed
  • Project Type: Multi-Family
  • Project Location: Charlottesville, VA

About this Project

In 2020, Charlottesville, VA witnessed the completion of a series of new buildings to comprise Meadow Branch Apartments – Phase II, a multi-family 135 unit apartment complex addition that included the construction of four new apartment buildings, four residential-style garage buildings, maintenance areas, storage units, an indoor dog park, a community activity building, and a boardwalk-style recreational bridge. The apartment buildings featured a diverse structure, incorporating two five-level concrete podium buildings with four stories of wood apartments atop a concrete parking basement. Additionally, two three-story wood-framed buildings with concrete slab foundations added architectural variety to the complex. A notable challenge arose during the project, requiring a revision of engineering plans during construction to ensure plumbing changes aligned with the architectural needs for the layout of apartment design, showcasing the adaptability and problem-solving capabilities of CSC’s team.

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Meadow Branch Phase II

In 2020, Charlottesville, VA witnessed the completion of Meadow Branch Apartments – Phase II, a multi-family structural engineering project.

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