Blue Light Apartment Complex

  • Year: 2018
  • Project Value: $23M
  • Project Type: Multi-Family
  • Project Location: Durham, NC

About this Project

In 2018, CSC performed the structural engineering for the Blue Light Apartment Complex, a notable project valued at $23 million. This multi-use 8-level new-construction building, spanning 157,000 sqft, integrates parking, office space, restaurants, and apartments within its poured-in-place concrete structure. A particular challenge faced during the project was the placement of a pool on the 6th level, extending as a cantilever over the drive aisle. This required careful consideration of the added weight and the structural implications of the height location with no support directly below. The structural engineering team navigated various challenges through the design and construction management, maintaining flexibility and creating alternates where required. The Blue Light Apartment Complex showcased innovation and problem-solving skills in the creation of a versatile and modern mixed-use space.

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