Specialty Services

Delivering unique and specialized structural engineering services.

Our specialty services go beyond standard designs and analyses, delving into intricate problem-solving and innovative approaches to meet the distinctive needs of a project. Whether it’s designing structures to withstand extreme conditions, creating solutions for architectural marvels, or addressing unforeseen challenges in disaster recovery, specialty services in structural engineering showcase a dynamic and adaptive approach to the ever-evolving demands of modern structures.

About The Process

We pride ourselves on providing insightful advice, innovative solutions, and meticulous planning at every stage of a project. From initial design to project management and quality assurance, we work diligently to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. In working with CSC, you’ll receive: 


  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Project execution
  • Product delivery

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Related Projects

NC Moulding Project

In 2023, CSC was contracted to repair the NC Moulding building located in Lexington, NC. The challenge at hand involved the design and replacement of a bridge, intended for pedestrian and forklift use, that connects two buildings.

Double Crane Lift

The Double Crane Lift project in Raleigh, NC, emerged as a highly intricate structural engineering endeavor following a 5-alarm fire that melted the building crane.

MrBeast Studio

The Owner required a large, high ceilinged, open space without obstruction to allow flexible use of this space for their production purposes.

MrBeast Dominoes

In 2023, the MrBeast Dominoes project in North Carolina unfolded as a remarkable structural engineering venture. The ambitious goal was to break the existing world record for a domino collapse.

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