Disaster Recovery

CSC was the project lead and the structural engineer on this disaster recovery project. An EF4 Tornado hit the 200,000 ft2 school in early 2012. While practically all parts of the building were damaged to differing degrees, ~40% was leveled to slab on grade. In order to have the school functional for Fall 2012, full design was completed in 12 weeks, with design, construction, and occupancy in 5 months.

     Henryville High School

Sona BLW Precision Forge

This project consisted of repair of a steel foundry that was damaged in an uncontained fire. Approximately 100,000 ft2 of roof was damaged along with adjacent walls. The construction documents were completed in seven days.

Tipper Tie

Approximately 2,400 ft2 of a larger warehouse was damaged in a fire. The roof structure needed repairs and replacement. The building was steel framed. The roof was bar joist with steel deck.


An existing preschool was damaged due to a tornado/thunderstorm. This pre-engineered building had ~40% of the roof damaged. The facility was evaluated to determine the extent of the damage and repairs were designed.


Cedarwood Apartments

An apartment building with four units burnt down to slab with extensive damage to another four units. Replacement and repair were designed for these apartments.

Ferguson – Yonkers Rd

This store/warehouse was damaged by a tornado, necessitating an ~$10M dollar building repair. The exterior canopy was rebuilt along with 50% of the roof framing.

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