Retail, Office, & Restaurants


>$120 million renovation of a 349,000 ft2 high rise building. This renovation of the 22-story building included office and meeting space, a Monument Staircase and a new 8th floor exterior walkway. The addition of large meeting room spaces included movable partitions, which required additional structural steel to support the weight of the movable walls. This project was featured in Interior Design.

Buffalo Brothers

This remodel of an existing building to house the restaurant Buffalo Brothers included extending the building to add square footage, addition of a mezzanine, and an exterior free standing screen wall.

Panda Express

We have designed buildings for a variety of new Panda Express locations in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, and South Carolina. Some are free standing new construction, and some are remodels of existing space.

Independence Plaza

This 22,200 ft2, ~$1.8 million construction cost, pre-engineered building with brick veneer is be used for general commercial lease space and a medical supply store. Project included a vehicle bay with garage doors and car lift.


Champs Tire

This new construction retail center contains an auto repair shop (with retail/office space and two car repair bays with lifts) and four additional retail spaces of ~1,000 ft2 each.


UNC Healthcare Training Center

This project consisted of converting a 45,000 ft2 outlet mall into a training center for the UNC Health Care System. This space contained classroom spaces, office space, an IT room, and large training rooms. Approximately 13 air handling units were added to the existing roof.

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