Multi-family Residential

Legacy Cornelius

This project was new construction for a town home complex consisting of seven building types and 83 total units. The buildings were three story, wood framed, with garages.

Legacy Concord

This was a new construction of ~454,000 ft2 of residential apartment space consisting of 20 buildings with four different residential layouts, a clubhouse, and a boardwalk.

Wyndemere Villas

The middle units of a large apartment building were damaged in a fire. Design for repairs of damaged structural items was performed.


Woodbridge Apartments

This apartment complex had a building that burnt down in a fire. Design was a complete re-build of eight units and an additional twelve units were repaired. This project is located in a region subject to high wind and seismic design requirements.

Wellington Farms Apartments

This apartment complex was damaged by fire. Design of repairs and replacement of damaged structural items was performed.


Greenfield Parkway

This new construction 248 unit apartment complex had five building types, a clubhouse, a pool pump house, garage buildings, and carports.

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