Biotech and Manufacturing


This 80,000 ft2 pharmaceutical manufacturing facility included laboratory, manufacturing, packaging, and warehouse space. In the concept phase, a future addition was considered in the design and conceptual details. For final construction documents, special equipment support details were incorporated.*

Elan Gowning Facility

This manufacturing facility upgrade included gowning facilities, lab space, clean rooms, a new mechanical platform, and design of a walkable ceiling. This project was located in the center of the existing structure, requiring special planning to maintain operations in other portions of the building.


Various projects across the food processing plant in Mt. Olive. This has included addition of new large rooftop AHU’s, modification of pallet racks, structural changes to cold refrigeration buildings, modifying and adding new platforms, and structural repairs to the building framing.

Novo Nordisk

This project consisted of replacing existing boilers with larger boilers and a new Water for Injection system was added. This required modification to existing shear walls, new roof openings, and new equipment foundations.


Coty Boiler Plant

A new, pre-engineered 2,100 ft2 building housing multiple boilers and heat exchangers. CSC provided structural support including building foundations, pipe bridges, internal pipe racks, equipment slabs, sump pits, and trenches. Pipe bridges extend up to 300 ft2 .

Synthon Tech Transfer

This project was a remodel of existing facilities to transfer manufacturing. This upgrade consisted of an internal mezzanine for mechanical space over clean room facilities. Additional support for an air handling unit (AHU) and a double wall generator were also included.



A ~500,000 ft2 shingle plant had >40 maintenance and upgrade projects across its facility. Projects included repair of a damaged large exterior tank foundation; survey of ~80,000 ft2 of roof, 6,000 linear feet of wall, and ~120 platform access ladders; repair and modifications of exterior loading docks, ramps, and delivery platforms.

Unique Foods

Internal remodels allowing expansion of cold storage and addition of refrigerated packaging and sorting areas into an existing previously non-refrigerated building.


Merck, Miscellaneous Small Projects

Various miscellaneous projects were required for updates to this facility. This included the installation of HVAC upgrades, hoist and mono-rail hoist lifts, and other miscellaneous equipment. Due to the heavy loads generated by these items, these projects required verification that the existing structure could support the new loads.

Also see our Specialty page for additional examples of items that are relevant to the Biotech and Manufacturing industries.

*Portions of Eisai were completed by the Principal Engineer prior to starting Collins Structural Consulting, PLLC.

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